Sunday, October 25, 2015

Cemetery Orders

Cemetery Orders

To protect the citizens of the German Democratic Republic, and due to various incidents, the Cemetery in Liesenstrasse and the Invaliden Cemetery, must remain closed.

After the termination of the GDR security measures, visits to the Cemeteries in the Border area of the Berlin Mitte District will be possible, under certain regulations.

  1. The Cemetery Administration is responsible for the visiting arrangements set out in the supplements to the Cemetery orders.

  2. Every visitor to the cemetery will receive a badge from the Cemetery Administration. At the end of visiting hours, the Security Forces must be notified that the Cemetery has been completely vacated. And this is to be meticulously verified according to the return of the visiting badges.

  3. Burials are permitted during visiting hours.

  4. The specified Border Security Strip is to be separated from the remaining part of the Cemetery by an appropriate fence.

 5. Burials are forbidden in the Border Security Strip.

 6. The special instructions of the Border Guards are to be complied with.

Supplement to the Cemetery Orders

Admission to the Cemetery is permitted only upon receipt of the visitor's badge from the Cemetery Administration.

Upon departure from the Cemetery, this visitor's badge is to be returned.